Crock-Pot Cooking

Black Friday shopping is one of the highlights of my year. All year long I look at things I want and decide that I don’t NEED them immediately.¬†These items are added to my Black Friday shopping list – ONLY if they are at a great price.

Last year I got a 4 qt. Crock Pot for $7 after rebate. For months its been sitting there because I really had no idea what to cook in it. I eat a lot of fish and chicken, neither of which takes a long time to cook

I finally decided to dust it off and I picked a simple mac & cheese recipe, then I found another simple scalloped potatoes recipes. Both came out pretty great – much better than expected. I’m not one for cooking soups and casseroles, so I set out to find other “baked” dishes to make.

Look out for my trials (hopefully no errors).

Happy Cooking!

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