Splendid Mothers Day

Prospect Park LakeI have to say, I couldn’t ask for a much better Mothers Day than the one I had. Though it was raining early in the morning, it certainly cleared up.

My day started off with breakfast made by my daughter – Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and honey biscuits. She did a very good job of making everything and I’m sure she regretted her decision when she realized the amount of clean up she had to do after. She was a trooper though, and did the clean up without much protesting.

Next, I went to the community garden to lead a project of building new raised beds. The wood used in the older beds rotted and needed to be replaced. I’d been looking forward to this all week. Douglas FirThe chance to use the many tools I own always gets me excited. Earlier in the week I bought new batteries for my Ryobi cordless tools and tested out the new blade as well. Everything worked fine at home, therefore I was most confident that they would work at the garden as well. I was not disappointed. The circular saw with the new battery and blade made quick work of cutting through the 2 x 8 pieces of lumber. Made all the cuts at once, which was easy since the 8 foot pieces were cut in half to be used as the 4 foot sides of the 4 x 8 foot raised bed. The beds were lined with garden fabric to prevent the wood from rotting in the future. I would love make a few of these in my back/front yard for personal use, alas, it’t probably more work than I’m willing to do, so I guess I’ll have to settle for helping build these for other people’s spaces.

After having fuBlack-and-white Warblern with my tools, it was off to the park to see all the visiting beauties. Birdwatching is one of my most favorite actives in the Spring and Fall. Here in the NorthEast we get birds stopping off on their way to from the South. I packed my camera and tripod and most importantly my binoculars. My usual haunts didn’t yield any activity and I was truly feeling disappointed. My patience paid off though as one by one the “special” birds came within my view. The 1st was a Black-and-white warbler which nicely positioned itself for me to get the type of shot I’ve been waiting years to capture. It flew away before I could get more shots off, but I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Nature in its own splendor is the most beautiful thing to observe. I’m looking forward to enjoying all of it for a long time to come.

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  1. Nice mothers day treat! Good daughter. Love the photos. Makes me want to open my eyes!

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