Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls

Ever walk through a mall and smell the irresistible scent of Cinnabon? How could they do that to people? What kind of person resists Cinnabon?

Not me for sure. Even if it means I only buy the minibon. I’m good with that. Of course I had to take it a step further and go look for a recipe. Do I not learn?

Checking out one of my favorite baked goods resources, I found a recipe. These were pretty easy to make. I followed the directions and rolled out a nice rectangle of dough. Then I added the fill, rolled my log, cut in slices then placed in the cake pan to rise. This is where I call on my patience and find other things to do with time time. Once they’re ready to bake I pop them in the oven, bake, ice and devour.  Yes, devour. What else are you supposed to do with them?

A lot of people complain that Cinnabon’s version is too sweet. When you make at home, you can control the amount of sugar in the recipe as well as the amount of icing on each bun.

Here is the link to the recipe. Give it a try! You’ll love it.

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