Pizza on the Smoker

A few months ago I acquired a Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 36 Pellet Smoker. I cook and bake a lot, but I am not much of a BBQ grill using type of person. I have a serious aversion to using charcoal and many years ago when I wanted to BBQ, I bought a gas grill that I’ve maybe used twice. I even have a portable gas grill that I take camping with me. I’ve heard many debates about the flavor of foods grilled on a charcoal grill vs. the flavor (or lack thereof) when cooked with gas but I absolutely dislike having to fan flames and discard ash, not to mention the smoke! I don’t even like campfire smoke.

However, after purchasing a Camp Chef SmokePro SGX Pellet Smoker as a gift for someone and watching them use it, I realized the relative ease of using a pellet grill and smoker. You get the ease similar to when you’re using gas, with the flavors of the burning wood pellets. Not to mention, it is Wi-Fi controlled with my phone! When the opportunity presented itself for me to own one, I jumped at it. After setting it up I figured I’d make one of my most favorite things – Pizza! I prepped the dough the day before and the next day I laid out the necessary ingredients and set out the make the pizzas. It is really easy to bake multiple pizzas at once and pretty quickly too. They took less than 5 minutes to cook.

Watch for more videos as I learn how to use the smoker. And, if you want to get one of your own, I highly recommend the Camp Chef brand. I own the smoker as well as the outdoor camp over. I’d love to get the pizza oven and the sidekick at some point.

Camp Chef
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